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Return policy

“VM SHOP“ EOOD applies all international standards and regulations in relation to returning or refusing an order, regulated by the European consumer’s center and the Commission for the protection of the consumers in Bulgaria and through the electronic website which gives you the possibility to return the items bought by you within 14days from their receipt and get the money You have spent for them back.

 According to art. 55 par.1 from the Code for the protection of the consumers, each Customer can reject the goods received within 14 (fourteen) working days after their receipt. The return period is 14 days starting from the date on which You or a third party, different from the carrier indicated by You, has taken possession of the goods. Under a contract according to which you have ordered many items in one order, which are to be delivered separately, the return period is 14 days starting from the date on which You or a third party, different from the carrier indicated by You, has taken possession of the last items. In this case the paid by the Customer amount shall be refunded with a bank transfer non later than 14 working days starting from the date on which the Customer exercised his right to return the goods, according to art. 55, par. 6 from the Code for the protection of the consumers.

  1. Conditions for returning a product

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, the Customer has to respect these conditions:

  • The Customer has to inform “V M SHOP” EOOD by sending a compiled returning form and/or send an email to indicating full three names, order number, telephone number and an email as well as the decision to break the contract, and/or claim his decision over the phone calling: +359 877 039 390. We will send You, on a permanent carrier, for example an email, a message confirming that we have received Your request.
  • The goods need to be in the original conditions, packaging and quality. The goods should not have been used, washed, ironed, dismantled, assembled or changed in any way that have damaged their integrity, as well as labels should not have been removed (in case they were present). The goods should not bear any damages caused by inappropriate usage and/or assembling and no stickers should be applied, etc. The goods should have the original packaging preserved, consumables and accessories, in case such were included.
  • The goods should be accompanied by the original invoice, as well as by all documents accompanying the delivery at its receipt.

Goods that cannot be returned:

  • Items from individual order or such which have their components or pieces changes according to customer’s request.
  • Goods which have been alternated, damaged or have signs of usage.
  • Specialized products which have been delivered ad hoc per il customer
  • Special orders – orders for goods which were not in stock in the warehouse and was ordered ad hoc for the customer – specialized
  • Amounts for services – repairing, installing, or purchasing of additional accessories and so on
  • Transportation costs, fees for paying the product
  • Goods which are not in their original packaging or parts of it are missing, or their serial number has been erased or their guarantee sticker.
  • Goods with damaged trade conditions and signs of usage – scratches, stains, wearing off.
  1. Information on the delivery when returning a product

Every customer, who desires to return purchased goods, shall receive instructions on the process on the email indicated in his contacts.

*If the conditions of the returned product do not correspond to the indicated conditions, “VM SHOP” EOOD, reserves the right to send it back to You and the delivery costs are to be covered by You, while the amount paid for the goods becomes nonrefundable.

  1. Refunding the amounts paid for returned products

Refunding amounts is done only through bank transfer within 14 working days after the products have been returned. We would expect that You send us or return the goods without any delay and in any case no later than 14 (fourteen) calendar days after the day on which you have informed us about Your decision to break the contract. No amounts shall be refunded in case the products are not returned. The period is to be considered respected if you send us the goods before the expiration of the 14-day period. Refunds are made via bank transfer to a bank account indicated by You after we receive the returned goods and we verify their integrity. In order to be able to refund the amount, we would expect the data for the person, who purchased the goods, to be correctly filled out in the return form or sent by email to full name, IBAN and order number.

Attention: in case the payment has been made with a bank card, the refund shall be performed via the opposite operation towards the card which was used for the initial payment within 14 working ways.

We would be happy to support you or to share more information and details, which You might not have found here. In case of question, we would be happy to respond to Your email sent to: or to You call at: +359 877 039 390


Within 14 days after the receipt of the goods, the Customer has the right to substitute it keeping the following conditions:

- The goods needs to have good market conditions – the original packaging should not have been torn or damaged, should be in the conditions in which it was received. The goods should not be used, washed, ironed, assembled, cut, or any other actions which could damage their integrity and all labels should be intact.

  • On the goods there should be no signs of damages caused by inappropriate use and/or by assembling and no stickers should have been applied
  • The goods should have preserved the original packaging, the consumables, and the accessories, in case they were included.

 In case of a substitution of goods, the transporting fees are at the expense of the customer, both ways, according to the prices of the carrier which has been chosen.

According to art. 59 (1) from the Trade Code, in case of an impossibility to execute the order due to temporary lack of stock for certain items, certain size, design or color, as well as in the cases of a delayed order due to new import or new series of production, You are to be informed by phone or email, and, in case it is possible, alternative items (designs or colors) are to be proposed with the same quality or other items for at least the same amount.

In case the customer does not accept the alternative substitution of the product, “V.M.SHOP”EOOD has the possibility to refund the paid amount, in case all the conditions of the present Return policy are applied.

If You decide to substitute the goods, we would like to be first informed by sending us the substitution form and/or to send us an email with the number of your order and the reason for the substitution to or call us at: +359 877 039 390


In case the purchased goods do not correspond to the conditions of the contract, the customer has the right of a claim by which he requires that the seller sets the products in accordance with the conditions of the contract. In this case, the customer can choose between repairing the goods and substituting it with new ones, unless this is impossible and the chosen compensation is not proportional to the original one. It is considered that a compensation is not proportional if its application imposes on the seller expenses, which compared to the other alternatives are inadequate, considering:

  1. The value of the consumers goods, if there is no lack of nonconformity.
  2. The significance of the nonconformity.
  3. The possibility to offer to the consumer another compensation, which is not related to significant inconvenience for him.

Claims can we made in case of:

  • Fabric defects of the goods
  • Wrong articles sent, compared to those ordered.

Claims related to goods damaged during the transportation, are to be considered only based on a claim protocol made in the presence of the carrier. In case of claims, the cost of the transport is covered by the Seller and it is mandatory that the Customer send to the Trader the package via the carrier through which the order has been received. Claims are received according to the indications of art. 122 and the others from the Trade Code.

When the purchased goods do not correspond to the conditions of the contract for sale, the trader is obligated to amend its conditions so that it is compliant with the contract for sale, at the moment of the order.

  1. Amending the conditions of the goods in accordance with the contract for sale shall take place within one month after the Customer has made the claim.
  2. After the termination of the period, the Customer has the right to annulate the contract and to be refunded for the amount paid, or to request a discount of the price paid for the products.
  3. Amending the conditions of the goods in accordance with the contract for sale is free of charge for the consumer. He should not pay for transport fees of the goods or for materials and labor related to the repairing and should not be subject to significant inconveniences.
  4. The consumer can also claim a compensation for any damages caused by the nonconformity of the product.

In case of nonconformity of the consumer’s goods with the contract for sale, and when the same is not satisfied with the solution of his claim according to art. 113, he has the right to choose between the following options:

  • Annulling of the contract and receive a refund of the amounts paid
  • Discount of the price indicated at the moment of the purchase of the goods

The consumer cannot pretend refund of the amounts paid or a discount from the price in case the trader agrees to a substitution of the consumer’s goods with new ones or repairs the goods within one month of the presented claim.

The trader is obligated to satisfy a request to annul the contract and to refund all amounts paid by the customer in case he has already satisfied three requests for repairs of the same product, within the guarantee period according to art.115, and another nonconformity of the product is found.